3D-printed apparel: the future of fashion

Amongst the celebrities who have used his 3D printed fashion are Lady Gaga and Bjork.

A glimpse of dutch designer Iris Van Herpen’s tantalizing Spring/Summer Haute Couture collection. Celebrities who have used the designer’s 3D-printed fashion include Lady Gaga and Bjork.

Producing wearable designer fashion pieces using 3D printers is already a reality today. With intricate designs created by a pulsed laser that layers powdered rubbers or metals into shapes calculated by computers, these wearable sculptures that unfold out of flexible material are taking over catwalks all over the world. However beyond mere novelty, 3D printing really offers creative minds the freedom to experiment with ideas and materials, without the burden of time and production costs that have become commonplace in the fashion industry.

Daniel Widrig

Designer Daniel Widrig’s 3D printed exoskeleton spine showcases sharp and contoured forms that accentuate the natural curves of the back and shoulders. Inspired by contractions and expansion of muscles, it is easy to see the muscle fibrils twisting with the printed parts. As muscles expand and contract with body movement, muscle tissues clash with the 3D printed structure to create a contrast of forms that is intimidating yet seductive.

Designer Daniel Widrig draws inspiration from the human body to create matte sculptures that can be customized to the individual body type yet also maintain a consistent form at the same time (see image above).


3D printing isn’t limited to high fashion. Continuum is a clothing company that allows customers to shape and design their own fashion creations online while the company prints, manufactures and brings these unique fashion pieces to life. Why limit creativity to professionals when technology has made it possible for everyday Internet users to draw wardrobes on their desktops!


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