Koi: symbol of strength, courage and wisdom

The Koi fish tattoo – intricate curves, graceful angles and vivid scales combine to showcase a beautiful symbol of personal strength and perseverance in the face of difficulties and struggles.


The black Koi often represents successfully overcoming a significant obstacle that involves pain and suffering. This is a symbol of conquering such challenges in order to arrive back at one’s original position.


The red Koi is a powerful and masculine representation of love. There is a strong notion of energy and drive that is widely reflected in contemporary design.


The blue Koi is a masculine symbol of reproduction. The blue Koi swimming upstream represents the overcoming of personal adversity, while the blue Koi swimming downstream is a representation of having already overcome the difficulty.


The dragon Koi symbolizes the overcoming of obstacles as this breed of Koi is said to upstream against the strong currents of the Yellow River, demonstrating both strength and will to meet their destiny. The dragon Koi is a symbol of tenacity, power and mystery, often linked to the notions of rebirth and new beginnings. People opening a new chapter in their lives, such as divorcees, often draw inspiration from the dragon Koi.



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