Breaking down the divide between Reality and Imagination – one quirky animation at a time




S.M.A.K. Official Jordan Wolfson exhibition website:

Take a quick tour of contemporary artist Jordan Wolfson’s latest museum exhibition which features scenes and installations from 3 of his animated film productions,  ‘Con Leche’ (2009), ‘Animation, masks’ (2011) and ‘Raspberry Poser’ (2012). Though complex juxtapositions of web graphics, pop culture icons, historical art references and quirky music/animations, Wolfson elegantly showcases the development of analogue and digital animation through history: animation transcends borders to eliminate differences between images and objects, life and non-life, human and beast, motion and static, reality and imagination. Through  animated pop bottles, condoms and other non-life objects, Wolfson shows us how these differences make up the culture we live in.

Watch Wolfson’s films and you will find uncanny references to our everyday desires and fears, and the notions of life, death and love. Condoms filled with plump little hearts flutter around, small Coca-Cola bottles hurtle by, mutating red blood cells and a caricature Jew are just a few of the players in the biotope of dazzling images.

From a metaphorical perspective, one of the most important aspects of Wolf’s films is that he appears in parts as a voice over, thereby diminishing the invisible line often drawn between artist and artwork. By taking on multiple identities, Wolfe shows us how our lives can be viewed in parallel to a play with several roles that can be enhanced by social media.


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