Urban Cityscape Idea: Elevated Bike Path


Urban Cityscape Idea: Elevated Bike Path

The bike-friendly / green environmentalist movement is going global. In London, Foster + Partners has proposed an incredible plan to transform the city’s railway structures by installing networks of elevated cycling freeways above the existing railway lines. The 220 km “SkyCycle” not only serves to beautify the metropolitan cityscape with its futuristic design, but also promotes safety for city-bikers and ‘green’ commuting. Furthermore, existing roads used by motorists would be unaffected traffic-wise, which proves to be a huge plus in the congested city.

With a projected cost of $361 million USD, London’s “SkyCycle” is already receiving strong support from Network Rail and Transport and could become a reality by 2035.


Rule of Fragrance: Old is Gold


Rule of Fragrance: Old is Gold

Classic scents from Left to Right

Bleu de Chanel: an unexpected blend of woody and citrus notes for the man who strives to break free from convention. Experience the fresh scent of determination and desire.

Hugo Energise: an incredibly balanced mixture of spicy and floral scents combined with Hugo’s signature woody aroma. This long-lasting fragrance is for the strong and energetic.

1 Million: subtle notes of grapefruit, rose, cinnamon, spice notes,mint, blood orange, blond leather, white woods, amber and patchouli. A royal and rich scent inspired by Paco Rabanne’s metallic fashion designs and definitely one to last for ages.

MAC lipstick: Cremesheen Hang-up



A beautiful deep berry purple lipstick – the more you apply, the deeper and more wine-coloured the hue gets. The ‘vampirish’ effect gives your lips a sophisticated look and may somewhat create the illusion of whiter teeth!

Pair the Cremesheen Hang-up with a simple eye makeup in the evenings. With a dewy and creamy finish and Mac’s signature divine scent, this long lasting lipstick is one for keeps.






123Klan is a design duo based in France. Both artists have starred in the film Exit Through the Gift Shop, and under the nicknames Scien and Klor, regularly produce work inspired by the designs of Shepard Fairey. By successfully combining graffiti and graphic design, 123Klan is best known for their iconic pop art style of design.

They currently reside in Canada and continue to tour the country for inspiration.

Style Hunter


Style Hunter

Long Sleeve Shirt
Brand: Zara
Store Location: Orchard Ion Mall in Singapore

Leather Leggings
Brand: Wilfred by Aritzia
Store Location: Polo Park Mall in Winnipeg, Canada

Cross-body Purse
Brand: Mini-Mac by Rebecca Minkoff
Store Location: Holt Renfrew in Winnipeg, Canada

Brand: H&M
Store Location: Mall of America in Minneapolis, USA

Brand: Joan & David
Store Location: Nordstrom in Mall of America, Minneapolis, USA

Is that Zara or Givenchy?


Zara Man

T-shirt lovers and high-end label fans alert: you’re either going to completely hate or love the recent graphic T-shirt lines released by fashion giant Zara Man. With uncanny similarities in hue, cut and style with established designer labels such as Givenchy, Balmain, Cole Haan, En Noir and Alexander Wang, the new Zara Man tees are definitely picking out the positives of each original design and churning out top quality “parodies”, for lack of a better description.

To be quite frank, personally we would take the Zara versions over the original high-end labels any day, not only for price reasons (~45 bucks for a Zara “parody” of a 500 buck Givenchy piece), but simply because Zara has been rocking it since 1975 and their designs never fail to impress, season after season. Check out some quick head-to-head comparisons in the photo we posted here, or head on down to http://www.zara.com/ for a closer peek.