The Harlem Globetrotters visit Winnipeg!

The world famous Globetrotters paid the lonely freezing city of Winnipeg a visit this past weekend. Epicly sensational as usual, Hi-Lite, Ant and the rest of the high-flying crew entertained the entire stadium with slapstick comedy, acrobatic antics and athletic dunks the entire afternoon. Check out the YMCA dance that the globetrotters got kids from the audience to dance to in the link above!

A little kid doesn’t give up – keeps trying until he finally makes a basket… and the crowd goes wild.

The official Globetrotters mascot, Big-G

The official Globetrotters mascot, Big-G


Great Swimming Hole

Once a quarry, now a swimming hole. Tucked into the outskirts of the Twin Cities, Quarry Park is an amazing 112-ft deep and should definitely be on your list of places to visit here.

Cool off in the summertime – only an hour away from the city, this hidden gem proves to be a great escape from all the shopping and dining.


Swimming in quarry-turned water holes makes me hungry. Head on over to Quang Vietnamese Restaurant for some of the most yummy soup-noodles you will ever feast upon. Personal opinion – the beef pho, spicy beef soup noodles, and spicy crab meat soup noodles are out of this world. Veggies are fresh, meat is delicately sliced and seasoned to perfection, and the soup is piping hot. Don’t forget to get an iced coffee – strong and creamy goodness.

tmg2Work that Pho-belly off with an evening stroll along Walker Art Center and the neighboring streets and parks. Art installations and performers are always sprouting out in every corner – a great way to enjoy some tranquility from a hectic day of running around. Lots of space for everybody to breathe in the cool evening breeze while having nice private moments with your friends, family and loved ones. A great night-cap. Plus, it’s free.

Abi X BAPE: “Childhood” artwork series


In artist Abi’s new “Child Hood” series, popular childhood cartoon characters meet streetwear brand, BAPE – characters from Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece and Naruto sport BAPE shark hoodies, a staple item of streetwear collectors globally and an item that has become iconic in the Japanese brand’s collection over the years.
Visit the artist’s website at
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Breaking down the divide between Reality and Imagination – one quirky animation at a time




S.M.A.K. Official Jordan Wolfson exhibition website:

Take a quick tour of contemporary artist Jordan Wolfson’s latest museum exhibition which features scenes and installations from 3 of his animated film productions,  ‘Con Leche’ (2009), ‘Animation, masks’ (2011) and ‘Raspberry Poser’ (2012). Though complex juxtapositions of web graphics, pop culture icons, historical art references and quirky music/animations, Wolfson elegantly showcases the development of analogue and digital animation through history: animation transcends borders to eliminate differences between images and objects, life and non-life, human and beast, motion and static, reality and imagination. Through  animated pop bottles, condoms and other non-life objects, Wolfson shows us how these differences make up the culture we live in.

Watch Wolfson’s films and you will find uncanny references to our everyday desires and fears, and the notions of life, death and love. Condoms filled with plump little hearts flutter around, small Coca-Cola bottles hurtle by, mutating red blood cells and a caricature Jew are just a few of the players in the biotope of dazzling images.

From a metaphorical perspective, one of the most important aspects of Wolf’s films is that he appears in parts as a voice over, thereby diminishing the invisible line often drawn between artist and artwork. By taking on multiple identities, Wolfe shows us how our lives can be viewed in parallel to a play with several roles that can be enhanced by social media.

Urban Cityscape Idea: Elevated Bike Path


Urban Cityscape Idea: Elevated Bike Path

The bike-friendly / green environmentalist movement is going global. In London, Foster + Partners has proposed an incredible plan to transform the city’s railway structures by installing networks of elevated cycling freeways above the existing railway lines. The 220 km “SkyCycle” not only serves to beautify the metropolitan cityscape with its futuristic design, but also promotes safety for city-bikers and ‘green’ commuting. Furthermore, existing roads used by motorists would be unaffected traffic-wise, which proves to be a huge plus in the congested city.

With a projected cost of $361 million USD, London’s “SkyCycle” is already receiving strong support from Network Rail and Transport and could become a reality by 2035.

EQ3 Haul


Visit EQ3’s website and enjoy a delightful array of home furnishings based on simple, clean and functional design. Established in 2001 and based in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada), EQ3 has stores in Canada and USA, and exhibitions/galleries all over the world.

Top Photo: Teak Coffee Table – a bench-style classic that features clean edges in its rectangular face. Slight colour and pattern variations in the natural material give each table a unique look and feel.

Middle Photo: Overbrook rug – this 50% Hemp 50% Leather rug features a subtle mix of natural greys, soft blues and earthy brown hues  – a surprising soft rug that adds beautiful texture to any space.

Bottom photo: Harvest dining table – With projections of organic and earthy vibes, this butcher-block styled dining table features a rugged farm house design and is made of honey oak and a natural oil finish.


Listen now! — Red Lights – Single (Tiësto)

red light

Tiesto’s answer to Avicii’s ‘Wake me up” – a smooth juxtaposition of strumming guitars, high notes from a plaintiff male vocalist and strong shades of melancholy to go against his rival’s smash hit. Heavy and rapid beats guide the listener to a deep chorus in this exclusive release to kick off 2014.

Download your copy here:

Rule of Fragrance: Old is Gold


Rule of Fragrance: Old is Gold

Classic scents from Left to Right

Bleu de Chanel: an unexpected blend of woody and citrus notes for the man who strives to break free from convention. Experience the fresh scent of determination and desire.

Hugo Energise: an incredibly balanced mixture of spicy and floral scents combined with Hugo’s signature woody aroma. This long-lasting fragrance is for the strong and energetic.

1 Million: subtle notes of grapefruit, rose, cinnamon, spice notes,mint, blood orange, blond leather, white woods, amber and patchouli. A royal and rich scent inspired by Paco Rabanne’s metallic fashion designs and definitely one to last for ages.

MAC lipstick: Cremesheen Hang-up



A beautiful deep berry purple lipstick – the more you apply, the deeper and more wine-coloured the hue gets. The ‘vampirish’ effect gives your lips a sophisticated look and may somewhat create the illusion of whiter teeth!

Pair the Cremesheen Hang-up with a simple eye makeup in the evenings. With a dewy and creamy finish and Mac’s signature divine scent, this long lasting lipstick is one for keeps.